Kids’ memories are among the most valuable memories in a person’s life. There’s a reason for this: as an adult, you usually can’t remember the very early years at all, but even the memories of the later years of childhood are often only clouded. Yet these years are the most formative in life. How nice it is when your parents have made provisions and preserved childhood memories forever!

But how do parents best capture the special events and fondest kids’ memories?

These are our top 5 best ways to capture kids’ memories:

Memory Boxes

Memory boxes combine many things at once and are ideal for anything that doesn’t involve a photo, video or text. For example, you can keep footprints and handprints of the first weeks in them, add a box for baby teeth or keep the hospital ribbon. Of course, any regular box can be turned into a memory box, but there are beautifully designed boxes available for purchase. We particularly like the memory box “The beginning of my life” from Ferm Living. Among other things, the collected “treasures” in the “Little Treasures” box find a place in it.

Milestone cards

Milestone cards have the advantage that you can show them directly when you take the picture. This means that the date of the milestone is recorded right along with the date of the picture. To do this, however, you must always have them at hand. You can also write on them, usually on the back, and then file them away. We find the milestone cards from Mrs. Ottilie the most beautiful, but they are available in all styles and colors from many manufacturers.

Apps for kids’ memories

For photos, videos and notes, recording milestones and the child’s development, kindergarten friends and the first word or step, you can choose from various apps with different focus. The memory album app Juno, for example, offers secure storage on German servers and the ability to automatically print selected memories – from pregnancy to 18th birthday – into a memory book with a pretty design. A wonderful gift for the adult child and the whole family.

Foot and handprint sets

Footprint and handprint sets for babies are a cute way to not forget HOW small the child once was. There are different materials and techniques to make a little baby’s footprint or handprint. Many manufacturers rely on plaster for this, which we can’t recommend from our own experience. We like much better the option of using a step foam for the footprint or handprint, such as this set from Berlindesign (via Etsy). At the Etsy store ForeverFunTimes there is even the possibility to make an ink-free impression on paper.

Friends books

In friends books for the school years, the children’s school friends immortalize themselves with a profile, photo and wishes for the child. It’s a wonderful reminder later of the school days and the friendships that were made there. Our favorite is this one from AngelinaGruenwald (via Etsy). If you like it colorful, you will surely also like the friend books by Frau Ottilie, for example the beautiful variant with dinosaur motifs.