Want to preserve your child’s memories for life? Get creative with your own entries in the Juno app. Here are our top 3 ideas for making special memories.

These are our top 3 for very special memories:


Some of the parents in our circle of friends have been emailing their children about special events or writing letters since birth to an email account they set up. We never had the time to do that, and if we did, we forgot. In Juno, you can upload a video for your child, addressing them and telling them anything you want. Then you print a memory book, and the video is forever accessible with a QR code. A video is quick to record and has the advantage over letters and email that your child can also see and hear you, so they can take away even more from your messages. This is how mom or dad was and this is how she/he felt! Grandparents or other family members (later even friends) can also leave your child video messages in Juno that will last a lifetime.

Tip: Make it a routine to shoot a video for your child at the end of the year or on their birthday and upload it to Juno.


If you want to keep track of how your child has changed over time, create repeating headings in the app – for example, every few months at first, and later annually. This way you can see what has changed in your child’s skills, character and habits over the years. For your child, this will be a very special thing in his or her heart later on: Seeing how he or she has changed over the years, and all the things you parents have noticed along the way. Our questions/suggestions provided are also already designed to capture your child’s growth over the months and years. By filling them out as you would in a conventional memory book, you are giving your child an expression of your love and care.

Tip: When creating your headings, remember to keep them the same when answering the same questions. This way you create continuity over the years and see the progression in your printed memory book.


This is something we parents already know from other apps: regularly take a photo of your child in front of the same background (for babies, for example, on a blanket with a cuddly toy, for toddlers or older children, for example, in front of a yardstick) and then save the photos in a single reminder in Juno. This way, you can see the direct comparison and enjoy how big your baby or child has become over the months or years in the memory book.

Tip: Don’t think of it as a “must” to always take your child’s comparison photo on their monthly birthday or on the exact same day of the week. Especially if you’re trying to keep the conditions the same in the photo, a lot can happen in life with kids, so that’s just not always possible. Whether your photo was taken on Monday or Friday during the week of the “month’s birthday,” no one will see it later in the photos.

Do you have other ideas for very special entries in Juno that we can share with the community? Then drop us a line. We are looking forward to it!