The special moments and memories of childhood are unique. But unfortunately, as an adult you can often only remember them in a blur. So it is all the nicer if your parents were able to capture all the special moments for you. Years later, you can look into your personal memory book and relive all those moments.

In order to present these memories in an expressive way, we have put together our best tips and inspirations for a beautiful layout of your books.

Tip 1: Supplement memory books with texts, admission tickets or self-painted pictures and letters

For many people, a photo album is the equivalent of a memory book. In our eyes, however, it should be much more than just a duplicate of the photo album. Starting with supplementary texts to the respective pictures, personal thoughts and descriptions of the various situations and moments from childhood, your memory book becomes much more personal than the classic photo album.

But that’s not all: What do you think about sticking a few “special pieces” in your memory book? In addition to text and pictures for example the newborn bracelet from the hospital. Or what about the ticket from the first visit to the zoo, the first picture painted or the first letter to mum and dad.

Your children will certainly be very happy to hold such a special and vivid book in their hands.

Besides the impressions and memories of the parents, messages from friends and family are certainly a great idea for the memory book.

Tip 2: Record messages to the child in the memory book

For example, how about asking relatives and friends for a personal letter or a special moment shared by the child and sticking it (together with a small picture) in the memory book as well?

Surely, later on, one is very happy about all personal messages from people who have shaped a special part of one’s life – such as a few wishes for the future from one’s favourite kindergarten teacher.

Tip 3: Decorate and embellish the pages of the memory book

Next, we recommend giving the individual pages of your memory book an individual touch. There is no limit to your creativity: whether you use glittery pens, coloured photo corners, beads, feathers and shells, stickers and stamps, washi tape, motif punches, buttons or fabric – absolutely everything is allowed!

For example, how about using watercolours to capture your children’s handprints on one page of the memory book?

Or cut out words from a magazine for a caption and give your memory book an individual, creative touch! Just get started and the creativity will take over all by itself.

You would also like to create such unique memory books, but you don’t have the time to do it?
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