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Why Juno?


The days are long, but the years are short


As a parent, you have a lot on your plate: Your kids’ special moments often fly by! Photos and videos are in raw numbers, disorganized on your family’s smartphones. Memory books to fill out look nice, but you just don’t have time to sit down at night. Plus, you wish you could delete some questions and add others. Here comes the solution!

Without Juno

Quickly, your child’s development, milestones, and other memories are gone and thus lost forever to all family members. 


With Juno

Imagine your child’s face when they see all the lovingly captured stories combined with photos and videos, printed like a real memory book. What a joy!

How does Juno work?


Screenshot aus Babytagebuch App mit Spitznamen für das Baby

Juno app

Add memories from text, photos, and videos when it’s convenient – for example, while breastfeeding, on the subway, or helping you fall asleep. Your data is safe: as a German company, we are of course DSGVO-compliant.


Vier Screenshots aus der Erinnerungsbuch App mit verschiedenen Steps zum Erstellen des Erinnerungsalbums

Automatic layout

Create unique memory books from selected entries within minutes. Everything is automatically pre-populated from within the app, but editable.

Nahaufnahme Erinnerungsbuch Baby in rosa von außen und innen

Your memory books

Create memory books for pregnancy, babyhood, every year or THE book from 0-18. You can print different versions for your kids and family.

Features of Juno

Your printed memory books.
More than just a photo book.

Print unique memory books from selected entries with a few clicks

Video eines Babys im Schwangerschaftsbuch mit QR-Code

QR codes for videos

We make your videos optionally accessible forever in the printed books via QR codes, so you can enjoy watching your memory books even more.

sechs Kreise mit den Farben rosa, grün, blau, champagner, weiß und gelb

Unique designs

Choose from different designs, customize texts, upload photos from your computer or create your book entirely on your smartphone. Either way: It will end up looking like a real memory book.

Buchstapel aus Schwangerschaftstagebüchern in blau und rosa.

Highest quality

So that your grandchildren can still read your stories and memories, our memory books are of the highest quality. You can choose from different types of paper and binding.

Why our users love Juno

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We are Dorothea and Werner, serial entrepreneurs and parents of a daughter born in 2018.

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