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Time goes by so fast

As a busy parent, you often forget to write down memories about your child and their development (we get that!). Pictures and videos are already on your smartphones. Memory books to fill out look nice, but they miss specialties that are important to you, and ask other questions you’d rather delete - if you just could!

Here comes the answer. Juno supports you to collaboratively organize and save all of your child's memories. Automated, intelligent and beautiful! And if you want something to hold in your hands, order your printed memory book which will be generated automatically from all memories - pregnancy to 18th birthday, if you like.

Already prepared for you

Your memories, our suggestions

We’ve prepared a nice bunch of memory suggestions according to your child’s age, including the most important milestones. They're not matching their development? No worries, you can adapt everything, and even snooze whole categories (e.g. "motivity") to reappear again later.

You can snooze all entries


Memories from everybody

Invite family members and let them save their unique moments with your child. Because sharing is caring!

Invite all your family members

Friendly reminder system

Reminders without regrets

Juno reminds you to make entries from time to time, and also when your child might hit a new milestone (very nice ones that don’t bug you, we promise!). But, of course, you can add new memories anytime you like.

Reminds you without annoying

Take hold of all memories

Print an automagically layouted
memory book with just a few clicks

Sample photobook

Order a unique memory book with just a few clicks. Everything is pre-generated automatically from the entries in your app.

Beautiful design and QR codes for videos

Choose from a variety of designs and customize your content as needed before printing. Our specially developed printing software is easy to use, but flexible. Even your uploaded videos can optionally be made accessible via QR codes.


Decide for a memory book per year, a collection of years, or even THE one book from birth to 18th birthday. Starts at $32.95 (Hardcover with soft grip matte paper, 24 pages, plus shipping).

Print memory book now

Questions & Answers

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Will Juno be free forever?+

You can use Juno for free forever. If you want additional features (such as adding photos to all your memories and uploading videos), you can choose one of our premium subscriptions. Read more about Juno Premium.

What are milestone photos?+

Milestones are the big moments in your child’s life, such as birthdays, their first step, first word, first day in kindergarten, first day in school, etc. We predefined milestones for you, so you simply need to fill them out. With our free version, you can only upload photos to those predefined milestones.

How long will you store my photos and videos?+

We will be storing your photos and video uploads as a premium user for as long as you’ll be on the premium subscription.

How many photos can I upload?+

With the free version, you can only upload photos to milestones which we predefined (e.g. birthdays, first step, first word, first day in kindergarten, first day in school). With our premium subscription, you can upload as many photos as you like, although only a predefined number per one memory (remember, you don’t want to sort through hundreds of pictures again when printing your analogue memory book 😉!).

How many videos can I upload and how long can they be?+

With the free version, you can’t upload any videos due to storage pricing on our secure servers. With the premium subscription, you can upload as many videos as you like in total, although only a predefined number of videos per memory. Your videos can be up to 90 seconds long, which we think is absolutely sufficient for your child’s most important and funniest moments in life.

Is my data safe with you?+

Absolutely. We store all your entries, photos and videos on German servers and manage them closely. We never sell your data to third parties or have any access to your photos and videos. As a German company, we comply with Europe’s strict GDPR. Here you can read our data protection agreement.

Do family members also have to pay for the premium subscription?+

No. If you’re paying for the premium subscription, your family members won’t have to pay for creating your child’s digital memory book together with you. Simply add them to your family.

What happens if I cancel my premium subscription?+

If you cancel your premium subscription, you can download all your content (you can certainly also do that any time before you want to cancel!). All photos, except for milestone photos, and videos will be deleted once your subscription ended. They can’t be restored or reloaded if you decide to reactivate your premium subscription.

Which memory suggestions can I snooze?+

You can snooze all memory suggestions we provide. If you, for example, hit the snooze button on our suggestion to log your baby’s first word now, our intelligent system will accordingly move all suggestions for the same category ("language acquisition" in this example).

Can I customize reminders, so they don’t bug me?+

Yes! This is one of the first things on our roadmap. We absolutely want you to be reminded of making new entries to your child’s digital memory book, as we as parents naturally tend to forget to do so. But we also want those push messages not to bug you, so you keep loving creating new digital memories for your child.

What happens to my videos when I print my memory book?+

Good question! You have the option to add QR codes to your printed memory book, which you can then scan with your smartphone and then watch your videos with the family. Because your privacy and data protection are very important to us, we store these videos on our secure German servers and do not ask you to upload them to Youtube, Vimeo or similar like other providers do to enter the link with us. This security will cost you a few Euros once when you print your book. In return, you have our guarantee that your videos will be stored in compliance with data protection laws (separated from our Domain) and will be accessible forever.


About us

We are Dorothea and Werner, serial entrepreneurs and parents of Anna, born 2018.

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Werner is a classic nerd, having started programming back in 1996. He founded his first company after his studies in 2008, Dear Friend, now being a digital product studio with clients from multiple industries. Together with a friend, he developed one of the first successful iPhone apps ever, Mobile Butler. Their next app, miCal – the missing calendar for iPhone has been a bestseller in Apple’s App Store until today.

Dorothea is originally a teacher and has also worked in several PR and marketing positions. She loves to create and market digital products and services that help people make their daily lives easier. That’s why we’ve always been a great business match, in addition to a wonderful life match ;-).

In 2011, we co-founded our first startup together, Streetspotr, grew it into profitability and sold it to a competitor in 2018. We’re now active business angels and also co-founders of Juno, looking forward to helping you log your child’s memories and their uniqueness!

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