Credit: Vanessa und Saskia

Hello dear Vanessa, nice that you are here and that you want to help us to take great baby and kids photos for Juno. Please introduce yourself and what you do.

I am Vanessa, 31 years old and mom of a four year old son. I live near Ansbach/Nuremberg. My main job is photographer and CEO of GRLPWRmeetsBUSINESS. In addition to weddings, I photograph together with my sister, of course, then the other stages in life, such as just baby and family formation. Here there are always many great moments that are worth capturing.

Vanessa from Vanessa & Saskia and GRLPWRmeetsBUSINESS. Credit: Vanessa und Saskia

That sounds totally varied and exciting! With your experience, I’m sure you have lots of great tips for our parents on how we can take the best kids photos for the entries in the app, right?

Of course! These are my three most important tips:

  1. Light is key. Always try to photograph your babies/children in natural situations in daylight and facing the light. If the sun is shining, just put the curtains in front of it and you’ll have great light.
  2. Natural moments are much more beautiful than perfect photos. If the settings don’t fit right now or you’re not quite up to it yet, practice makes perfect – but capturing spontaneous moments works even without great photo skills. Just let the kids do it and don’t stage too much, that usually doesn’t work out anyway.
  3. Cell phone pictures are very good nowadays, but really great pictures you get then but rather with a (semi-) professional camera. Then you can take a good picture in every day and light situation. Especially in the first years you want to capture every moment of your baby / child, of course, this is often better with the phone in everyday life. I also often fall back on it. But here very important: Do not let them languish on the phone πŸ˜‰. Make albums out of them, which you can then show together with parents/grandparents or later to your children. Of course, the JUNO app is a great choice here.

Super, thank you very much! So we will certainly already get the one or other beautiful photo β˜ΊοΈ. And if we want to know more?

I have recorded an ONLINE BASIC photography course for all parents, so you can learn pefectly the basics of photography. So you succeed even better pictures and you can also capture moments really quickly, because you are no longer busy with the adjustment of the camera or even then disappointed why the picture has become nothing. After this hour I promise you, your pictures will succeed!

P.S.: Currently even reduced. πŸ™‚

Thank you, Vanessa!