Would you like to take a few photos of your kids as a souvenir? But you don’t know where or how to do the best kids photo? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Today we’re going to show you tips and tricks on how your kids will have a blast posing and how you can create beautiful, authentic images at the same time! Here are our top 4 outdoor kids photo ideas:

Kids photos with water

Especially on warm summer days, a photo shoot with water is a great idea. The refreshing romp promises exuberant mood and authentic photos for children of all ages.

Simply use water bombs, the water hose in the garden or a classic paddling pool. If you have the opportunity and both parents are present, a nearby lake or river can also serve as a backdrop. The combination of the sunlight reflecting off the little drops of water and the children’s honest and happy laughter make unique images.

Top tip: It’s best to use manual focus here so the camera doesn’t accidentally focus on the water drops and blur the kids.

Photos with soap bubbles

A second option for Kids Photos Outdoor Ideas are soap bubbles. Similar to water, soap bubbles always work well with kids. For the upcoming photo shoot, soap bubbles conjure up two benefits at once: On the one hand, they serve as a special picture highlight and on the other hand, they provide happy children’s faces for the photos.

Top tip: Here, too, it’s worth having a second person on board to blow the bubbles into the picture. Alternatively, the kids may even have their own bubble machine which would also come in handy here! As with the water shoot, it is again advisable to work with manual focus, otherwise the focus will fall on the bubbles.

Kids photos with plants

Special image compositions for an outdoor photo shoot are also obtained, for example, by integrating different plants. These can be grasses, flowers, bushes, trees or other plants. The photos will be best if the children are between different plants that are a little closer and a little further away from the camera.

Top tip: Here it is again essential to manually focus on the children’s faces. The different blurs of the plants around them give the pictures their uniqueness.

Photos with chalk

This outdoor Kids Photos Outdoor Idea is super simple, but super effective and holds super fun for everyone involved. For example, paint the kids’ favorite Disney character or animal on the asphalt together. The kids then pose next to or with the painted motif and there you have it, a great new memory!

Top tip: If your children have certain ideas about motifs, it may be advisable to search for the figures and constellations on the Internet in advance. When taking the photos, it’s a good idea to shoot from a bird’s eye view (e.g. on a ladder) so that the children are integrated into the chalkboard picture as level as possible.

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We wish you a lot of fun trying it out! If you have any other Kids Photos Outdoor Ideas, feel free to comment below this blog post!

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