How did you come up with the idea for Juno?

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When we were given a memory book to fill out as a birth gift, we thought the idea of recording our child’s development, idiosyncrasies, and general memories over the years and giving them a memory book of their childhood as a gift on their 18th birthday was just beautiful. We were really looking forward to filling in all the nicely prepared questions and pasting in photos.

But then came life with a child: we only filled in sporadic questions for two months and just pasted in the ultrasound photos. When our child was about nine months old, we started writing down all sorts of things about him in a shared iPhone note. That’s how we lost over six months of memories! All the photos were on our smartphones anyway, shared with grandparents via a cloud service.

We wondered: hadn’t anyone thought of a childhood memory book that combines digital and analog features? A way to capture children’s milestones and memories and then be able to print them – into a book that really looks like a real memory book, not a traditional photo book? We couldn’t find a nice and easy solution to make our dream come true – so we founded Juno and hoped that we could help many parents capture their children’s uniqueness forever and bring joy to the whole family!

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