Who is the team behind Juno?

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We are Dorothea and Werner, multiple entrepreneurs and parents of a daughter born in April 2018.

Werner is a typical nerd – he started programming back in 1996. In 2008, right after his studies, he founded his first company, Dear Friend, now a digital product studio with clients from various industries. Together with a friend, he developed one of the first ever successful iPhone apps, Mobile Butler. Their next collaborative app miCal –  the missing calendar for iPhone remains a bestseller in Apple’s App Store to this day. 

Dorothea originally studied teaching and worked in various PR and marketing positions. She was also active as a volunteer in the Federal Association of German Startups for a long time. She is a startup mentor at Zollhof-Accelerator and a member of the advisory and supervisory boards. Dorothea loves creating and marketing digital products that make people’s everyday lives easier.

In 2011, the two founded their first startup, Streetspotr, developed it to profitability, and sold it to a competitor.

Now they are active business angels, startup mentors, and want to use Juno to help parents capture their children’s development and most important memories forever.

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