(iPhone) I can’t add the photos I want to add!

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If you have problems uploading photos that you want to upload to a particular memory, this can have two causes:

1) You have Premium subscription and try to upload photos to a reminder, but your free space is used up.

2) You recently updated to iOS 14 and didn’t give us access to all your photos when the app asked you to update (which happens pretty quickly, so not your fault!). This means you won’t see all the folders and/or photos in it when you try to add a photo to a reminder. Most likely you’ll see a message similar to this: 

SOLUTION to 2): Please go to your iPhone settings, scroll down until you see the Juno logo, tap it and you will see this:

Tap “Photos” and change the setting for all photos, like this:

Leave it that way, and you should be able to upload any photo you have on your phone to your memories in Juno.

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